Teledyne Defence & Space (TDS) uses LDMOS, GaAs, InP & GaN technologies to meet customer's needs, generally producing custom designs to customer specifications. All amplifier design work for TDS is carried out in the UK, thus enabling us to maintain a non-ITAR capability. In the past, GaN has been used specifically in pulse applications up to 18GHz. However, more recently, TDS has produced linear CW amplifiers with 10’s of watts up to 31GHz using this exciting technology.

  • Capabilities from 1GHz to 31 GHz, 1W to 1KW
  • Small form factor with chip and wire technology
  • Function- rich designs enable almost any functionality requirements to be met.
  • Significant analogue and digital capabilities to support dynamic biasing.

TDS can also leverage the capabilities of another business unit, Teledyne Paradise Datacom, for support of commercial amplifier configurations in all bands up to Ka-Band.

TDS uses existing module designs to support drive chain and control circuits, hence reserving our advanced engineering resources to ensure the successful design of power amplifiers with mechanical and thermal integrity. This enables new design efforts to be completed on time and with reduced risk. SWaP (Size Weight and Power) have become increasingly more critical in the design of new and legacy systems. TDS has some of the smallest and lowest weight SSPAs on the market.

TDS has also developed a new Solid State High Power Amplifier (SSHPA) product line, which provides power from 100W at the module level to multi kW at the system level, and in frequency bands ranging from UHF to Ku-band. These amplifiers utilize state of the art thermal management schemes and unique highly efficient coaxial power combiners to allow designs in smaller form factor with improved reliability. With 20 years of experience and extensive use of ATE (Automated Test Equipment), TDS has the proven ability to support our customers' technical and production needs for all SSPAs.


High levels of integration ensure the smallest SSPA’s, and highest power density units available in the market today.


  • Electronic Warfare
  • Communications
  • Test & Measurement
  • Space
  • Radar
  • Legacy



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