Multi-Function Assemblies


Teledyne Defence & Space (TDS) has developed a number of custom multi-function modules used in today’s modern warfighting systems.

  • Experienced with the interaction of different components in an integrated package to achieve maximum performance
  • Simple 2 element to multi-element designs benefit from integrated performance
  • Building block construction means designs and breadboards can be realised quickly
  • Experience in working with all microwave components

TDS offers a full range of Multi-Function Assemblies (MFAs) used on many systems. All modern microwave component products can be joined together to create a custom MFA. This includes passive elements such as filters in conjunction with active products that could include mixers, amplifiers and frequency control products such as PLL’s and VCO’s.

General construction consists of an RF/Microwave circuit using microwave modules and either a single, or multiple printed circuit boards for control and power conditioning. The microwave modules are produced in-house, on thin film circuits which are then wire bonded together to make a complete microwave chain. By using a common module concept, design cycles and risk are very much reduced when developing new designs for custom applications. With over 1,500 microwave modules designed and available, most requirements are met using existing proven module designs. The power and control circuit boards usually circle the main microwave modules, as these circuits are more flexible in location, and are therefore more specialized for any given IMA.

Please contact us with your specific requirement.


  • ​Custom designs the norm
  • Digital rich environments are considered a specialty
  • Wideband applications are the norm
  • Military / Environmental requirements


  • Space Payloads
  • Satcom
  • EW integrated systems
  • Markets where SWaP are critical



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