The RA062-F2 is a multiple LO module used to generate three pairs of LO signals, each pair being phase matched in order to provide the capability to drive two phase and amplitude matched, high sensitivity narrowband receivers such as might be required for an EW receiver system with DF functionality.

The Stepped Frequency Synthesiser is based upon Direct Frequency Synthesis, DFS, whereby the 1GHz input reference signal is multiplied, filtered and mixed to generate a given number of isolated and filtered single tone CW signals from the 1GHz comb. A finely tuned signal is then generated using a multi-way switch to select between the 1GHz spaced CW tones and mixed with fine resolution signals generated using a custom DDS/VCO PLL network. In this way finely tuned signals can be generated between 7.5GHz and 23GHz.

Other Outputs

  • 1GHz comb tones are also available as fixed CW frequency signals, independently selected to the fine-tuned signal.
  • 4 GHz fixed signal. This and the internally generated internal reference signals are generated using a VCO that is phase locked to the same externally or internally generated 100MHz reference signal as the other outputs. In the absence of the external reference signal, a high performance internally generated reference is automatically selected.
  •  BIT signals, including supply voltage monitoring, PLL lock-detect, LO output power level threshold signal, temperature and runtime indication.



  • Military narrowband EW receivers
  • DF receiver systems
  • Test LO sources

Features & Benefits

  • Three separate LO outputs designed to drive mixers in three stage RF converters
  • Matched Dual LO outputs capable of driving matched receiver/converter systems
  • Tuning speed 200ps for standard product. Faster switching speed can be accomodated for customised versions
  • Very low spurious signal level
  • Very low spurious signal level
  • High RF power at all ports capable of driving converter mixer directly
  • BITE
  • VMEW, SPI, UART Interfaces (customer specific control, interface can be accommodated)
  • Test lab filtering



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