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Radar Electronic

Support Receiver

The RR024 is designed for Radar Electronic Support (RES) and Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) applications where high performance and small size are of prime importance, with filtering, amplification, detection and pulse parameter measurement being combined into one multi-function unit.

 Four amplitude measurement channels allow direction finding by amplitude comparison between adjacent antennas. An IFM, fed from one of the amplitude channels via an SPDT switch, performs 14 bits of frequency measurement on the selected input. Frequency resolution is nominally 1 MHz over a 2 to 18 GHz band.

The RR024 is internally triggered and generates a full PDW giving the following data; Time of arrival, pulse amplitudes, pulse frequency, pulse width, and flags for POP, CW and Bad Data. The standard data interface is USB2 via MDM connector, which also includes Analogue PRI Audio lines. An optional 50MHz clocked 16-bit parallel interface is available via a separate optional 37 way MDM connector.

The compact form factor eases the integration burden on UAV and AFV payloads and the low power consumption reduces demand on platform payload power supplies.

  • Frequency range 2-18GHz
  • 1MHz frequency resolution
  • Pulse descriptor word output
  • Sensitivity –57dBm typical >
  • Analogue PRI Audio
Radar Electronic
Support Receiver
  • Radar Electronic Surveillance systems
  • Radar Warning systems



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