Phobos Radar Warning Receiver

The Phobos Threat Warner/RESM is a fully capable, compact, affordable, integrated EW sensor system from Teledyne Defence & Space comprising of Antennas, RF Processing, Digital Processing, De-interleaving & Emitter ID/Library Matching, and Operator Interface. The combination of these elements provides the user with outstanding detection performance whilst delivering true tactical flexibility.

The system design employs a high degree of RF & digital signal processing integration - based on established Teledyne wideband receiver and signal processing products - enabling the full 2-18GHz instantaneous frequency coverage and 360º azimuth coverage to be achieved in a compact envelope.

Phobos has many options available, enabling it to meet a wide variety of user requirements from UAV/USV through man-portable, up to Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) and beyond. The Phobos has been engineered to ensure that weight, physical size and power consumption (SWaP) have all been kept to a minimum. In turn, design for manufacture has been a key driver delivering the Phobos at an attractive price.


QR020-M10 Phobos Radar
Warning Receiver
(8 port)

  • AFV/Recce Vehicles
  • Man-portable
  • Remote Installations
  • Test Range Facilities
  • Fast Patrol Boats
  • Offshore Patrol Vessels

QR020-M10 Phobos Radar
Warning Receiver
(Split 8 port)

  • OPV & Larger Vessels
  • Mid-Life Upgrade & Re-Fit

Features & Benefits

  • Full RWR/ESM performance in a low SWaP envelope
  • Quick to deploy, can be remotely operated, and requires no ground infrastructure
  • 2-18GHz Instantaneous Frequency Range
  • Full 360° Azimuth Coverage
  • Bearing Accuracy <6° rms (TX antenna V/H)
  • Very Low Power Consumption (80 Watts)
  • Rapid Threat Warning (Emitter ID < 1sec)
  • Fully Passive Operation Mode
  • Capable of detecting Pulse, CW, FMCW
  • Open System Architecture
  • Continuous and Interruptive passive BIT
  • Network enabled connectivity
  • Available in color options to suit application
  • Can be integrated with Command and Control systems












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