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High Power Filters

The need for tunable filter technology originates from the fact that high power communication systems and IED Jammer transmitters severely limit the use of tactical radio communication systems on the battlefield.

This clash within the radio’s spectrum during tactical missions is often de-conflicted using fixed high Q, high power RF bandpass and bandstop filters installed prior to mission. This can limit operational effectiveness due to the potentially large number of fixed filters required within the allocated radio communication channels, which need be transported, stored in the field, and fitted by trained personnel. Many of these fixed filters centred within the octave wide tuning range could be replaced by a single high-Q tunable filter.

Teledyne Defence & Space’s CB503 is a digitally tuned bandpass filter operating across VHF/ UHF frequency bands. The core of the CB503 is a high-Q three section, machine combline filter. It has an input/ output coupling structure that enables the filter to be tuned to any central frequency in the range of 160MHz to 360MHz whilst maintaining excellent filter characteristics.


Bandpass Filter

  • Communications
  • Remote relay applications, where frequency agility is needed
  • Congested bandwidth environments
  • Multi-Platform: Land, Sea & Air

Features & Benefits

  • Tuning Range: 160MHz to 360MHz (custom frequencies available)
  • Passband: Bandwidth: 3% fo
  • Insertion Loss: 0.6dB max
  • Insertion Loss: 0.6dB max
  • VSWR: 1.5:1 max
  • Rejection: 40dBc
    Bandwidth: 17% fo
  • Input Power (operating): 100 Watts
  • Remotely controllable
  • High Q Factor
  • Band-Pass, Band-Stop & Diplexer topologies
  • Fully digitally controlled
    • Direct Frequency Input
    • Supports both RS232 as USB interfaces as standard
    • Calibrated lookup table



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