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Fast Tuned

Notch Filter

Teledyne Defence & Space’s (TDS) range of Fast Tuned Notch Filters (FTNF) have been designed to protect Electronic Support Measures (ESM) receivers from high duty cycle, frequency agile interference produced by on board (or cohort) combat radar systems. ESM sensors often need protection from high power nearby radars, and such signals can reduce receiver dynamic range.

​Approach ​Disadvantages

​Synchronous blanking of the ESM sensor

  • Probability of intercept of the ESM receiver is compromised when operating near a high duty cycle radar. Multiple emitters on the same platform compounds the problem

​Front-end filtering of the radar pulses in the ESM sensor

  • ​Band-stop filters leave ”holes” in ESM sensor spectral coverage
  • YIG tuned filters are too slow to keep up with modern agile radar

TDS FTNF can track the emitter’s transmissions at its agility rate, ensuring that the ESM sensor’s
Probability of Intercept is maintained at an acceptable level.


ES005 - Fast Tuned
Notch Filter

  • ESM Receiver Protection
  • Radar Front End & TR Modules
  • Direction Finding (DF) System Protection
  • EW (ESM)

Features & Benefits

  • Modules for both S- and X-band coverage
  • Dual, independently controlled notches
  • Digital Tuning Control with fast tuning speed (<250ns)
  • High rejection level
  • Quickly switches from notch to all-pass
  • Low loss in all-pass state
  • Can be cascaded
  • Good power handling



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