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Adaptive Filter


Teledyne Defence & Space’s (TDS) patented designs have produced many different types of filters incorporating switches. These are all generally wideband for Electronic Warfare applications and enable the control of the frequency spectrum into any given system. These units, also known as Switch Multiplexers, are configured with a single or multiple inputs to single or multiple filtered outputs.

As an example, the SA002 features 8 channels switchable over the frequency range 2-18 GHz while the SA004 offers 17 channels over the 0.5-18GHz bandwidth. Each provides the user with a fast, flexible, filter network capable of providing different band-pass or band-stop responses on a pulse-by-pulse basis in dense signal environments.

With internal amplification, providing zero loss and low noise figure, together with flat insertion loss and exceptionally flat group delay, each filter is an ideal system enhancement. They are designed to withstand harsh military environments and allow system designers to achieve functionality that was previously unattainable.


SA002 - 2-18 GHz
Switched Multiplexer

  • EW (Electronic Warfare)
  • ESM (Electronic Support Measurement)
  • ECM (Electronic Counter Measures)
  • ELINT (Electronic Intelligence)

SA004 - 0.5-18 GHz
Switched Multiplexer

SA219 - 2-18 GHz
Switched Multiplexer

Features & Benefits

  • 500MHz to 40GHz
  • Multiple inputs to multiple outputs
  • Wideband operation
  • Low Loss
  • High speed switching
  • Standard ITAR-Free units
  • Integrated attenuators on most models
  • Rugged construction
  • Full Military Temp Range
  • Overlapping bands
  • Tight phase and amplitude tracking
  • High Reliability, compact hermetic solutions



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