The Teledyne Defence & Space (TDS) Single Channel High Performance Receiver provides a new approach for ESM / ELINT applications, incorporating patented features offering wide band synthesized capability from 500MHz to 18GHz, with frequency extensions available up to 40GHz.

TDS's new QR037 digital receiver module combines high dynamic range RF down conversion and LO generation with digitisation and signal processing capabilities to provide a compact solution for a number of ELINT/COMINT and ESM applications.

Excellent dynamic range and linearity is achieved through a combination of RF and digital down conversion stages coupled with high performance pre-selection and IF filtering.

  • Full band coverage (options up to >40GHz
  • Fast tuning speed
  • Integrated front end adaptive filtering
  • High spurious free dynamic range
  • Low colouration
  • Simultaneous ELINT & ESM operation
  • Frequency selective RF protection
  • Compact, expandable architecture mounted in a ¾ ATR chassis or 19” rack mount variant.
  • Low power consumption
  • Optional 1 GHz IF


The modular architecture of the receiver allows it to be configured as a single, dual, triple or quad channel unit with phase- and amplitude-matched performance across all channels.


  • Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)
  • Electronic Support Measures (ESM)
  • Defensive Aids Suites (ECM Set–on)
  • Combined ELINT / ESM Sensors
  • Ground, Airborne & Naval Environments