Offering small size with great performance at lower frequencies. Discrete Lumped Element technology is commonly used in applications where small size is required, especially at lower frequencies where transmission line devices may be too large. Both narrowband and broadband designs are available in highpass, lowpass, bandpass, bandstop and multiplexer form.

  • High Pass / Low Pass Filters
  • Band Pass / Band Reject Filters
  • Multiplexers
  • Broadband & Narrowband designs
  • Filters are realized with discrete capacitors and inductors
  • Finishes are either paint, nickel, silver or gold finish
  • Connectors
    • SMA / N-type / F-Type
    • 50 / 75 Ohm feed throughs (SMT applications)

Depending upon customer requirements, prototypes are chosen which provide transmission zeros for improved selectivity filters or linear phase characteristics for filters requiring flat group delay. The unloaded Q of structures is in the range of 150 to 400 and depends on absolutes frequency and resonator size relative to frequency of operation.

Teledyne Defence & Space (TDS) pays particular attention to the selection of components and the design of the housing so that parasitic resonances and waveguide modes are suppressed to ensure very broad stopbands. For high powered applications, high voltage capacitors and larger air cored conductors are leveraged by TDS.

The low mass structures used by TDS ensure good immunity to microphony. TDS filters are regularly employed in low phase noise applications with extreme environmental requirements.

Please send your specific filter requirements directly to use via e-mail


  • 10MHz to 4GHz
  • Compact designs for optimum performance
  • High reliability


  • Radar
  • Communication
  • EW: ESM, ECM & C-IED



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